Do you qualify for FREE zip code advertising on the industry's most trusted Mover Review website?

  • Do you do more than 10 transactions per year?

  • Do clients  ask you for mover recommendations?
  • Would you like FREE exposure to potential clients in your desired zip code?
If you answered YES to  these questions, you may qualify for FREE zip code advertising!  Keep reading to see if you qualify!
Recommending Movers is Stressful
Does your stress level rise when clients ask for movers recommendations?   If the movers break something  will your clients blame you?   Don't you wish you had a dead-simple, stress-free way to point your clients to great movers?
Now There's An Answer
… And it ISN’T costly, difficult, or hard to use.   It’s a snap to set up, dead simple to use, and completely FREE.
Recommend Movers by MovingCompanyReviews now gives you a dead-simple, stress-free way to recommend movers.    We give you your own recommended movers page that lists your  3 recommended movers.     Your clients can read our 100% verified reviews on each mover, review their licensing info, research other movers, and choose the best mover for their needs.  Your clients do all the work, and you get all the credit!  
Here's the Best Part - We'll Give You FREE Zip Code Advertising! *


Who doesn't love free exposure to extremely high quality potential clients?   You'll get 3 premium ad placements, 2 on search results and 1 in our consumer emails.     Here's what Lori Neuschel, who's closed more that $200M in sales and ranks in the top 1% of Residential Real Estate Brokers nationally, says:
“For me it's a no-brainer.   I am providing a service to my clients to not only give them my recommendations, but to see informative reviews from others as well pertinent information about the mover.  And who can pass up free advertising?!”

* one agent per zip code, for the first agent that does more than 10 transactions a year that claims the zip code 



Don't Wait! We're Giving Away One Zip Code Per Agent.  Claim Yours Now! 
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We're only giving away zip codes to one agent per zip code, so don't wait, claim your zip code today!  
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Frequently Asked Questions






Can you help me recommend quality movers?
Of course, we're happy to help you recommend the best movers in each market.
Does this cost anything?

Nope! However, we're limiting the free advertising to one exclusive high transaction agent in each zip code.   All we ask in return is that you use your profile page to recommend movers to your clients.  To do that, we ask that you link to it from your email footer and from your website.
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Stop Stressing About Recommending Movers to Your Clients.

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